Where We Are

We have finally arrived from one of the longest painstaking journeys of my life, and even though I know there are many more ahead. the feeling of accomplishment is all so over whelming, I could cry tears of joy being a sensitive soul.

But now the real work starts, see I didn’t just do this for me but I did for my experiences. I thought that I could not be the only person to have gone through some of the things I have, ‘I mean yeh I’m special, highly talented, MA10(MenAbove10) and all that good stuff’ but I know I’m not the only one that has heard “sorry but you do not have enough experience” or “your experience is out of date” “can you show me some of your paid work”

As an artist who just want to create and put food on the table it is so painful to hear them words. I use to be told arrrr you have so much experience but without the degree we can’t employ you, so I went to Uni and got the degree, that degree has never help me get a job. Now I’m told “you were too confident in the interview and that I’m OVER qualified.

The Christmas of 2017 November 1st to be exact I was let go from a job for working too hard… yes I did say working to hard! And at that moment I knew I had to do something different, take a different approach to work. I had been toying with the idea of running my own business for a few years with a few partners… Shout out to Redman and Earl but in this day and age who can really afford or even have the time to leave theire job and start a business.

Me on the other hand had nothing to lose!!

So I went at it with the aim to smash that catch22 into 22million pieces. By Obtaining a number of corporate contracts we are able to approach colleges and universities and take on artistic interns giving them a platform to publish, exhibits, sell their work, and gain paid work experience. By the time they leave education their portfolio will be so strong they’ll be able to set up their own company, and I don’t mean ‘Freelance’

With links I have made over the years we will not only be able to exhibit in the UK at some of the countries finest underground and commercial venues, but we will also exhibit over the waters in the US. Shout out to Miya and Peterstreet Station.

To be able to pass down my knowledge and experience to other creatives and be able to create myself, now that’s living my best life!

I intend to use this space for a creative out let wether that be poetry, day to day experience, random thoughts, or just a good old rant. I will as so open it up to other Creatives with things on there mind. Just send me an email and if it tickles us we will post it with all credits and copyright being maintained by you.

Thank you all for taking the time to read A Tad Creative’s very first blog post and we hope you will be back for more and enjoy the art on the site so far.

Light Love & Creative